Thing to do during quarantine

1. Watch movies

Movies has been entertaining us from a very long time no matter Hollywood or Bollywood, but everyone watches movie even in their busy schedule people take day off or even Spare some time to watch their favourite movie series so in this lockdown which seems to long for everyone here are some movies to watch.

A. Kabir Singh

B. Dream girl

C. Extraction

D. Fury

E. Nikka Zaildar

F. Ocean 11 & 12

G. Force 2

H. To all the boys I ever Loved

I. Pati Patni Aur who

J. Jatt and Juliet

2. Workout at least 30 mins a day

Which this worst situation there’s no way of going out before September and staying indoor sleeping long hours, just Eating will only give us More fat so we should at least exercise 30 mins a day, this will help the blood circulation improve throughout the body. At least you can do is few pushups, 1minute plank, few crunches, situps, walk atleast after lunch and dinner.

3. Learn to cook

We have time and a lot of it so let’s cook and cook and cook we can try new things we can start by learning new dishes,who knows we may find ourselves the best or maybe we are good at we haven’t tried it.

4. Develop a skill

All these times people think a Lot about Learning new things doing things writing , Sketching, poems, home décor, Music, Dance and there Are numerous things we can do that we were planning to do once we get time. Now we have it and a lot of it so start it today.

5. Meditate

Right state of mind is what we need in this situation, meditate ,because many people may lose jobs and in this time the right state of mind is what we need the most, so relax and llok for other opportunities starting From home in this situation people usually get depressed so instead of it we need to meditate.