Innovative and quirky ways to keep winning the fight against Covid – 19

Novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc all over world. We all know the drill, keep washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, do not touch your face, keep your home and belongings sanitized, observe social distancing and wear gloves and face masks if going out, and so on. The virus has proven to be a massive threat to the public health sector in general and as a result many of us have turned in to obsessive compulsive germaphobes. But for how long can this be carried on? How long do we have to subject ourselves to self isolation and fear of getting infected? Keeping this in mind and with an aim of eliminating some problems designer frank chou – a Beijing based creative director who also runs a design studio has come up with a productive platform offering extensive international collaboration opportunities for anyone who comes up with an innovative solution for public hygiene.
Chou mentions that he was inspired when he noticed some people in his network of designers coming up with ways to raise some much needed funds and offer donations to help in the fight against the novel corona virus which continues to severely effect across the globe especially the economy. Keeping this in mind he felt the incredible need and requirement to create a long lasting and economical solution keeping the designer essence alive through it.

As a result of these intense deliberations and brain storming they have come up with a variety of quirky and somewhat futuristic solutions, however several of them can prove to be practically helpful in the long run. Given below are a couple of projects from the above mentioned project:

The sterilizing lamp

This lamp is unlike any other ordinary lamp that you may have seen anywhere. Chou’s studio is responsible for coming up with a chic looking mushroom shaped device that showcases a combination of reflective tray and a simple sterilizing lamp. It can be used to sanitize various items that hold within themselves massive amounts of undetected external pollutants. The reason behind this unique invention is the fact that chou wanted to create something that would fit seamlessly into everyone’s lifestyle and habits. The idea behind it as chou explains is that when people get back home from outside they will directly place their phones, wallets and car keys on the tray of the lamp and press it down which will activate the internally placed ultra violet light. After 60 seconds the cover of this mushroom shaped sterilizing device will pop up on their own and will leave every item properly sterilized. An internal 360 irradiation system makes sure that no spot is left unsterilized during this process.


In the regions of Europe and north America face masks are not a common accessory that people wear or even feel comfortable wearing due to many reasons. They don’t feel that it is a necessary part of their daily life. Chinese designer called zhang junjie has worked towards breaking this stigma attached to face masks in this desperate hour of need. He is responsible for inventing the first transparent mask which is made out of thermoplastic and enables people to see their expressions hence eliminating the stigma. His primary aim is to lighten the mood of the general population in this grim and serious atmosphere.

Handy capsule

This product by kiran zhu from hong kong is not just quirky to look at but it also serves the purpose of being an economical carry on sanitization option that anyone could carry easily in their bags and backpacks. This capsule shaped kit consists of a disposable mask, hand sanitizer, a thermometer and alcohol soaked wet wipes. This kit looks very sleek, cute and quirky which is made out of aluminium material and also consists of an embedded magnetic suction which helps in opening and closing of the kit. The best part is that this kit comes in different colours. The size of this kit is very pleasing which is compact and can be easily carried in a bag, purse or even hung outside the backpack.

Time changing hand sanitizer

Yes! You heard that right. According to the guidelines given out by WHO washing hands repeatedly for a minimum of 20 seconds is probably the most emphasized. However, not everyone can wash their hands repeatedly and properly since not everyone knows the proper way of washing their hands. Frank Chou has collaborated with the studio of pinno wang for this creation of the unique color changing sanitizer that offers a visual stimulus which ensures a proper application of this product.

The way this sanitizer works is unlike any other product where the substance reacts with oxygen and changes its color from pink to blue over a duration of 30 seconds. This is a very innovative idea to ensure that people apply sanitizer thoroughly.

Safety capsule

Now that the whole world is spending time and working from home during the quarantine and self isolation period, there are numerous essential workers who are required to go everyday to work and are cannot observe quarantine. The benwu design studio is focused primarily towards experimentation with different materials and have successfully invented a DIY (do it yourself) safety capsule as working and eating stations. This station can be created out of the materials that can be found easily in any local shop.

It also has a filtration system that purifies the air inside and can be considered to be as safe as wearing a mask. All you have to do is place this capsule in your work station and put your face and wrists inside through the slits / holes given for this purpose that can also be tightened with the help of elastic cuffs. There is also a UV light present within this capsule which sterilizes the interiors of this capsule.

Be a batman

This innovation is especially made for people residing in heavily populated regions where social distancing is difficult. To solve this issue sun dayong has designed a wearable device which creates an isolation atmosphere for people going outdoors. This device is foldable in nature and replicates a pod-like design which looks like it has been devised from the biotype of a bat.

Other innovative ideas from Chou’s studio has been emerging consistently including the laptop stand which is combined with extra set of UV lighting promising a sterilized keyboard, an elbow handkerchief which is created out of a single sock and a badge that very politely asks people to not shake hands. Although most of these designs seems far-fetched and extra futuristic chou honestly believes that most of these items mentioned above will eventually play a significant rile in the daily life of people.

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