What is Covid 19

Covid19 is a global infectious serious disease recently discovered Coronavirus. This new virus was unknown until until the outbreak throughout the world. This virus was dicoverd in China in Wuhan in 19 2019, and later on spread all along the globe.

What are the symptoms of covid 19

Generally, Symptoms starts with cough and Sneezing with dry cough shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell, high fever more than 100.4oC, Headache, all these are the major symptoms of Covid-19 and no one should ignore them and should not treat it as common flu.

How does the virus spread?

Virus spreads through respiratory droplets. If a contaminated person sneezes or coughs or even speaks the virus travel faster, it does not transmit through the Radio waves or electromagnetic signals.

How to protect myself ?

Why? Protetion is in one own hand by maintaining social distance avoiding handshakes Wear a Cloth mask always when in public, maintaining a clean hygiene, Don’t touch your face nose eyes when in public, sanitize your hands home and all those places which you are in touch with.

Is there any Vaccine ?

Self-care, As of now there is no such vaccine which can be trusted or said to be 100% effective on covid 19, if you Feel sick rest drink plenty of fluid, eat nutritious food, stay seculed,

What are myths & Facts ?

Myths: Fact:
1. 5G is responsible for the swift spread of Covid 19 Some people claim that 5G helps viruses communicate. In a study, the authors conclude that bacteria can communicate via electromagnetic signals. 1. It is also worth noting that COVID-19 has significantly impacted countries with very little 5G coverage, such as Iran. 5G mobile network do not spread covid-19 When an infected person sneezes or coughs or even speaks the virus spread through respiratory droplets.
2. Covid-19 may not survive in hot wheather or temp above 25oC. 2. You can catch covid 19, no matter how sunny or hot the wheather is Exposing youself to Sun or high temperature does not prevent from corona.
3. Your end is near if you are infected it’s not possible to cure there nothing. 3. You will not have to live with it for the rest of your life you can recover if you have good immune System or the antibodies helps you to recover.
4. Drinking alcohol protects you against coronavirus 4. Alcohol does not protects you from Coronavirus and consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of health problems.
5. Coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquito bite. 5. Corona Virus cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites. Till date there has been no information nor the evidence proving the transmission of virus through mosquito bite.
6. Termal Scanners are not effective in detecting people with virus. 6. Yes, they cannot detect the virus but also can detect the high fever or body Temprature more than usual which is a major symptom of this new covid 19.
7. Spraying alcohol or chlorine kills the virus inside your body. 7. Virus on Skin can be killed by spraying chlorine and alcohol. But cannot kill the virus which has already entered the body.
8. Eating garlic kills the corona in your body& also helps in protecting the body from it. 8. Garlic has antimicrobial properties And is also healthy but there is no evidence that prove garlic protects from new covid 19.
9. Fatal Cases of corona virus are mostly old people and youngsters are safe. 9. People of all age at risk of getting infected but people with Existing disease like asthma, Diabities, & heart disease appears to be more Vulnerable to become severely ill.
10. Antibiotics are effective in preventing & treating the corona virus. 10. No, antibiotics only works in case of bacteria only, not viruses. So antibiotics won’t work if contaminated.