Cities around the world might slowly be coming back to life, but there’s no going back to “normal.

From the past 6 weeks I’ve been confined to my home and during this time I had a lot of things going on in my mind and this is how each person around you may think.

Will this be over?

How will be my life after this ?

Will my work place be the same ?

Am I going to see those people whom I used to see earlier ?

And maybe tons of more but precisely, one of several possible post-pandemic futures.

I came across a friend of mine living in china and he walked me through the city where reestrictions has now being eased. In the call I could see the lifeless street on a weeknight 08:00Pm, typically be bustling at this hour. He walked past dark, boarded-up storefronts; one lit-up restaurant with three empty bar stools assembled outside and some perceptible human activity inside; another restaurant with a table blocking its door and a menu planted on the sidewalk for customers wishing to place their to-go orders; a few people in masks milling about the entrance to a kebab joint.

And while returning back to home he waved for a taxi which stood by him but for that he needed to present him his health status, which was checked and photographed. When he arrived his Community gate where he lives, a masked police officer wearing gloves scanned his wrist to check his temperature before allowing him inside. Suzanne carried a card, a kind of pass to the outside world, that listed his temperature each time he left the compound. “It’s not just for taxis. It’s to leave your community. It’s to go into the hospital. It’s to go to even those small restaurants that I just showed you. If I wanted to buy something from that kebab place, I would have [had] to scan a code or show them my paperwork,” he said.

Not just in china but this is the situation throughout the world some people are eating ,drinking , enjoying because  now everyone believes “tomorrow isn’t assured”.

Apart from this there are people who are taking caution to be safe and sound to wait for this disaster to get over.

In Austria, many companies are continuing to urge employees to work remotely if they can, even though nothing prohibits them from returning to the office.

Schools are now open again in Denmark. But Power and Schaeffer described an alien, atomized environment of outdoor classes, hourly hand-washing, and fewer teachers. “The kids are not allowed to touch each other, to play together, to embrace each other, to do high fives, things like that.

When is it going to go back” to normal?

Nobody knows this everyone is fighting their own battle during this time. We are under this lockdown from past 3 months and no one knows how long its going to take, we’ll ever return back to something like the life we used to know.